See how the Future looks at the new Citrix Future of Work Tour

Wednesday 11 September, 08.30-16.00 at etc Venues 155 Bishopsgate, London

The future of work is coming! Digital Workspaces allow organisations to boost productivity, engage consumers, and empower their people. With a flexible and secure platform, organisations can connect, collaborate, and innovate anywhere—on any application, any device, any cloud, at any time.

Come to Citrix Future of Work Tour in September and hear how Citrix can help you provide the access and experience that employees need, and expect, while maintaining security and control.

You will also hear all the latest news from Citrix Synergy 2019, including product updates and demos, and also hear from customers, first-hand, how they are using Citrix Technology to help transform their organisations to a next generation workplace.

The future of Work tour is a multi-city series featuring all-day events in London, Manchester and Dublin. A mixture of keynotes, demos and breakouts, as well as a sponsor expo will give you all the information you need at one event.





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Realising the full benefits of cloud while avoiding complexity and security challenges requires a unified, contextual, and secure digital workspace – This session will take you through our vision for the future of work, and showcase the solutions that will make it a reality.





Hear from one of our customers who will discuss the story of their organisation’s transition to the cloud and benefits that it has brought.



We’ll have our keynote speakers all up on stage to answer your questions on the future of work.


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Running Windows 10 in Azure:
Running Windows desktop operating systems in the cloud has long been the desire of many organisations. With Windows Virtual Desktop Microsoft announced the ability to run Windows 10 multi-user on Azure .The combination of Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure makes it possible to spin up new Citrix Windows 10 resources with greater agility and elasticity, adjusting usage as requirements change, whilst satisfying the security and user experience challenges.

In this session we will discuss considerations for running Windows 10 workloads in Azure.

App delivery: What happens beyond the click?
Every time a user clicks to launch an app they do so with a certain set of expectations. They expect the app to launch, perform and run in a way that enables them to effectively complete their tasks. Meeting this expectation requires a series of technologies that all work seamlessly together to transparently not only meet that user expectation but also whilst working within the confines of organisational or regulatory requirements.

Every app launch may require identity, secure network access, data access, auditing, reporting and enhanced security. In this session we will look at the key different stages that happen beyond the click and the some key areas for consideration.


Optimising Office 365:
Enterprises are rapidly adopting Microsoft Office 365 to lower infrastructure costs and increase flexibility. However, not every use-case is easily satisfied and there can often be many things to consider for successful delivery to all users. Together, Citrix and Microsoft redefine the way enterprises deliver a superior Office 365 employee experience — across any device, any platform, and any use case — with increased security and management.

In this session we will focus on connectivity to Microsoft O365, access beyond the web based apps and delivery of O365 within Citrix.

How can Citrix accelerate and maximise the impact of your Citrix digital workspace solutions:

Citrix Services provides comprehensive programs that feature support, consulting, and education, designed to help you get more value faster and keep your Citrix solutions running at peak performance.


How do you secure your SaaS apps?
In today’s business world, user data is one of the most treasured commodities, and organizations continue to find more and more value in it. Most of the breaches happening in organizations are because of inadequate security controls, excessive privileges granted to internal users, and an over-reliance on network-based security controls.

A better way to secure access to sanctioned SaaS and Web apps is via a user-centric approach as opposed to traditional ways that do not account for security and user experience.

In this session we will discuss how to securely enable SaaS with a consistent secure policy regardless of device ownership, management or the API’s that the SaaS vendors provide.

Analytics - security and performance in a data driven world:
Organizations have more rich data available to them than ever before, but data is only as good as the insights it provides and the actions you can take on it. Gathering this data can be unwieldy and making sense of it can be overwhelming. Citrix Analytics applies machine learning to data that spans network traffic, users, files, and endpoints to identify and take action on malicious user behavior and app performance anomalies.

In this session we will look at how Citrix Analytics can decrease risk and drive a better user performance.


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Secret Demo Room

Our event is all about the future of work, but what comes next? This year we are introducing a Secret Demo Room where you can see some technology concepts and future thinking about how we will be interacting with devices around us to automate tasks and reduce some of the routine admin, so that you can spend more time on the important stuff. In order to gain access to this room you must pre-register for a 30 minute session during the breaks/afternoon breakouts. Spaces are limited so to avoid disappointment we recommend you pre-register for this, details of how to register will follow in your event registration confirmation email.


Jason Scott Taggart
Head of Business Technology

Darren Fields
Regional Vice President, UK & Ireland

Adam Pulsakowski
Senior Manager Systems Engineering

Andrew Scott
Senior Manager, Sales Engineering



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